APT TALK VOL. 25 | 践享第二十五期 The Habits of Entrepreneurs

交互媒体对空间的重塑是许多文化建筑设计时的重要考量。如何通过交互媒体和物理空间共同创造独特的叙事体验?本期践谈活动我们有幸与AIA Center for Architecture一同,请来Bluecadet的合伙人Brad Baer与我们分享作为建筑师的他如何帮助Bluecadet更好的将互动媒体融入空间。


As emerging professionals in a collaborative field, we are constantly seeking new and better ways to communicate. The ENYA Committee and Architecture Practice Talks (APT) have invited Bluecadet’s Brad Baer to discuss the firm’s prototype-driven process and how his own training as an architect has helped Bluecadet more seamlessly integrate engaging moments into iconic spaces.

Bluecadet crafts experiences across space and screen for cultural organizations including The Gates Foundation, NASA, Princeton, and the Smithsonian. Founded in 2007, the Philadelphia and New York-based studio is called upon to deliver compelling content in an immersive, interactive way.

Brad Baer brings a wealth of skills and a passion for compelling spaces to his role as Partner and Director of Strategy at Emmy-winning experiential design studio Bluecadet. Brad works closely with clients on project strategy and creative direction, leveraging digital design to best reach their audience and tell their story. He has collaborated with MoMA, Princeton, the Gates Foundation, the National Park Service, and other leading mission-driven organizations. His experience as an architect perpetually informs his perspective on user experience, fabrication, and the integration of interactive experiences into the built environment.


03/30/2018(Friday) 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


Center for Architecture, 536 Laguardia Place, New York




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践谈APT (Architectural Practice Talk) 是由年轻设计师组成的开放社群,由来自建筑、室内、景观、规划的具有多元背景的设计师组成,以线上分享讨论、线下座谈参观的活动形式关注设计实践的经验与思考,旨在推动跨界对话和设计创新。践谈APT于2014年底成立于纽约哈德逊河畔的一方小小客厅,现已发展为数千位年轻设计师和线上读者共同营造的设计师生态圈。

APT is a design community that consists of young design talents and creative minds in architecture, interior, landscape urbanism, and art. APT fosters an international design community by curating a series of diver and engaging cultural events. APT is committed to nurturing design excellence and encouraging interdisciplinary dialogues through the power of online and offline experience. Founded in a small apartment in New York, which is also where the name APT comes, today APT brings together over 1,000 industry influencers and reaches thousands of readers in design community. APT now has New York and Chicago chapters.