本次“践行”活动我们将有幸参观室内空间由Barneys Department Store改建而成的Rubin Museum。这次参观将由Imrey Studio的创始人、同时也是负责Rubin Museum室内改建的建筑师Celia Imrey给我们讲解。参观前我们将有happy hour,于当晚6:30在美术馆前厅举行。

You are invited to a private tour at the Rubin Museum of Art, of which the interior space is transformed from a portion of Barneys department store. The tour will be led by Celia Imrey, founder of Imrey Studio and architect responsible for transforming the interior of the iconic space. The group will meet at the lobby bar for a happy hour reception at 6:30pm prior to starting the tour.


Rubin Museum简介:

Rubin Museum 由 Shelley 和 Donald Rubin创立并在2004年10月2日对公众开放。Rubin Museum主要收藏来自喜马拉雅、印度及周边地区的艺术品。美术馆一共有5层展厅,其中2层展厅为喜马拉雅艺术品的永久展览,共展出将近2500件艺术品。另外3层展厅展出环亚洲地区、从古代到当代的艺术品。美术馆还包含剧院、教育中心、商店和餐厅。

About Rubin Museum:

Founded by Shelley and Donald Rubin and opened on October 2, 2004, The Rubin Museum of Art specializes in the art and culture of Himalayan Asia, India, and neighboring regions. The Rubin contains five gallery floors, two of which are dedicated to the permanent collection of 2,500 Himalayan art objects, and three of which house special exhibitions of pan-Asian art ranging from ancient to contemporary times. The museum also features a theater, education center, shop, and restaurant.

Celia Imrey简介:

Celia Imrey创立自己的建筑师事务所并从事建筑实践已有将近20年。Imrey曾于工作于I.M.Pei, William McDonough and Partners, Pei Cobb Freed and Partners, 以及与Vito Acconci合作。除了建筑实践以外,Imrey在Barnard College担任建筑设计课导师已有12年。她还曾于Yale, Brown, Columbia, Barnard 以及NYU教授过超过20门有关建筑与艺术的课程。Imrey就许多话题作过讲座,而她最近的一次讲座是在St. John’s University in New York 和 the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg介绍她的建筑作品。

About Celia Imrey:

Celia Imrey has been the principal designer and director of her own design practices for almost 20 years. Imrey’s prior architectural experience includes working for I. M. Pei, William McDonough and Partners, Pei Cobb Freed and Partners, and with Vito Acconci. In addition to her practices, Imrey taught architectural design studios at Barnard College for 12 years. She has taught over 20 architecture and art courses at Yale, Brown, Columbia/Barnard and NYU. She has lectured on a wide range of topics, most recently on her own work at St. John’s University in New York and at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.


09/29/2017(Friday) 6:30 PM


Rubin Museum of Art

150 West 17th Street

New York, NY 10011




Please RSVP and use the QR code for check-in at the door.


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