TALK VOL.19 | 践享第十九期 Karen Kubey


Her talk, Architecture for Health, asks, How can an architect help advance health equity? Across the country, low-income communities of color are in a health crisis. New York’s East Harlem has an average life expectancy of 76. Directly south, residents of the more affluent Upper East Side live to an average of 85. Studies show a surprising correlation: the best predictor of our health is where we live. Exploring the potentials of health-centered interventions in the built environment, Karen will present work that brings together architects, policy and finance experts, and community leaders to promote greater health equity.

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About the Presenter:


Karen Kubey is an urbanist specializing in housing and health. She was the first executive director of the Institute for Public Architecture and co-founded both New Housing New York, the city's first design competition for sustainable and affordable housing, and the Architecture for Humanity New York chapter (now Open Architecture/New York). Karen's recent project partners include the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the New York City Housing Authority. Trained as an architect at the University of California, Berkeley, and Columbia University, Karen began her career in affordable housing design.

公共健康与居住环境息息相关。作为设计师,我们的设计将如何影响社区的健康?我们又如何通过设计,与政府、金融及社区的专业人士一起改善社区的健康状况?本期践谈,我们将与城市学者Karen Kubey一起探讨这些问题。

Karen Kubey是一名专注于住宅与健康的城市学者。她曾担任Institute for Public Architecture的首任执行总监,并一同创办了纽约首个关注可持续发展的保障性住房竞赛 New Housing New York,以及Architecture for Humanity的纽约分部(现为Open Architecture/New York)。Karen最近的项目合作伙伴包括the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene 和 the New York City Housing Authority。

活动时间/Time:07/17/2017(Tuesday) 7:30 PM

活动地点/Location:纽约公共图书馆 NYPL 53rd St.Branch,18 West 53rd Street, New York


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