TALK CHICAGO VOL.01 | 践谈芝加哥第一期 pecha kucha



2017年12月09号, 践谈在Gensler芝加哥办公室举办了第一次芝加哥践谈的活动分享。 分享的会场Rotunda Space 位于芝加哥地标Sullivan Center, 刚好是芝加哥大火以后芝加哥重建的城市网格的起点,也是践谈芝加哥的起点。

年轻建筑师设计师在职业中将面对许多挑战与机遇。我们如何能在实践中不断提升自我?如何建立新的设计的可能性?如何才能更好地付诸于实践?如何改变实践本身?如何让设计产生更高的价值?芝加哥践谈第一期的活动,以 Pecha Kucha的形式,邀请来自不同建筑设计事务所,不同的设计领域的讲者们一起分享在设计实践中的看法和体验,在探讨中碰撞出更多的想法和可能性。


On October 2017 12/09, APT Talks Chicago hosted their first event in Gensler Chicago. The event is hosted in the Rotunda located in the Chicago landmark building Sullivan Center. This specific building is right at the( 0,0) point in the Chicago city gird system,  It is the start of Chicago city after the Chicago Fire. It also becomes the start  of the APT Talks Chicago.

As young architects and designers, we are facing tons of challenges and opportunities everyday. How can we become more successful in navigating the complex landscape of today's practice? How can we bring our new ideas to the real world and change the current status of practice? How we create more value by using the power of design? The very first event, we invited speakers form different firms and design filed to share their experience, challenges and thoughts from their daily practice.

活动时间/Time: 12/09/2017( Saturday) 2:00pm.

活动地点/ Location: Gensler, Chicago


分享人:谭子龙(ASGG ); 王晗(SOM); 蔡亚昕(ATM I);Soffee ( Groupon); 薛媛(SOM).


EditorialTeam: Hang Zhou/ Jun Wang / Klark Wang/ Wen Zhou/ Yangqing Cai/Yimin Yang

践谈APT (Architectural Practice Talk) 是由年轻设计师组成的开放社群,由来自建筑、室内、景观、规划的具有多元背景的设计师组成,以线上分享讨论、线下座谈参观的活动形式关注设计实践的经验与思考,旨在推动跨界对话和设计创新。践谈APT于2014年底成立于纽约哈德逊河畔的一方小小客厅,现已发展为数千位年轻设计师和线上读者共同营造的设计师生态圈。

践谈APT (Architectural Practice Talk) celebrates young design talents and creative minds in architecture, design and urbanism, and fosters an international design community by curating a series of diverse and stimulating cultural events. Through a rich program of office tours, interviews, site visits and lecture series, APT is committed to nurturing design excellence and encouraging interdisciplinary dialogues through the power of online and offline experience. Founded in a small apartment in New York, today APT brings together over thousands of industry influencers and reaches thousands of readers in the design community.